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Staff Directory

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Name Title
Dr. Barrett Mosbacker Superintendent
Dr. David Balik Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs
Dr. Cheryl Blackmon Family & Academic Advisor
Dr. Gene Branham Director of School Operations and Student Missions
Mrs. Tasha Holliday Elementary Principal
Mr. Jay Mathews Dean of Students
Mrs. Donna Murphy Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Mike Sanders Jr. High School Principal
Mrs. Liz Whatley Early Childhood Principal

Name Title
Mrs. Kelly Mooney Director of Admissions

Business Office
Name Title
Mrs. Rikki Lee Accounts Manager
Mrs. Donna Murphy Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Susie Snypes Accounts Payable

Name Title
Mrs. Karen Hux Executive Assistant to Superintendent and Office Manager

Name Title
Mr. Terry Davis Associate Athletic Director
Mr. Carson Peterson Assistant Athletic Director
Mr. Steven Renfroe Coach Development & Athletic Outreach
Mr. Fred Yancey Athletic Director

Computer Science
Name Title
Mrs. Marguriet McFarling Director of School Technology
Mr. Clark McNutt Tech Support Specialist
Mrs. Alice Parker Coordinator of Online Learning
Mr. Ryan Westbrook Director of Instructional Technology and Network Services

Name Title
Mrs. Melinda Calderini Admin. Assist. for Institutional Advancement and Communications

Special (All School Grades)
Name Title
Dr. Sharon Berry Special Ed. Coordinator
Mrs. Melinda Blackmon Elementary/Jr. High Computer
Mrs. Barrie Downs J.H./H.S. Art
Mrs. Lee Eady Drama/Lion Guard
Mrs. Karen England J.H./H.S. Girls P.E.
Miss Joanna Finch Band Assistant
Mr. Matt Gaines Choral Instructor
Mrs. Debbie Glasgow J.H. Cheerleaders
Mr. Shane Harmon J.H. Football
Mrs. Carol Kral NILD
Mr. Chris Laatsch Boys P.E., Varsity Basketball, PE Grades K-2, Tennis
Mrs. Judy Lamb Varsity Cheerleaders
Mrs. Wendi Lawrence NILD
Miss Beth McCoun K-4--2nd Grade P.E.
Mrs. Lourdes Mier Spanish, Elementary
Mrs. Margaret Mugg NILD
Mr. Carson Peterson Elementary PE
Mrs. Teresah Pugh Elementary Music Teacher
Mrs. Debbie Robertson Curriculum Coordinator
Mr. Ted Seabury Band Director
Miss Joanne Sellers Foundations & Frameworks Coordinator
Mrs. Sherry Starr Enrichment Specialist
Mrs. Susan Talley NILD
Mrs. Jackie VanderWoude Special Needs
Dr. Jeff Young Physical Ed./Chaplain
Mrs. Jo Anne Young Art, Grades 3 - 6

General Support Services
Name Title
Mr. Remington Bobrow Mainenance Assistant, South Campus
Mrs. Beatrice Brown Food Services (Elementary)
Mrs. Judy Bush Guidance Office Secretary
Mr. Keith Cox Food Services (Elementary)
Mrs. Myrna Dominguez Food Services (Elementary)
Ms. Debbie Fallin North Receptionist
Mrs. Mary Kelley Secretary, Early Childhood (K-2)
Mrs. Bernice Kelly Food Services (Elementary)
Mr. John Kirkpatrick Transportation Director
Mr. Jeff Lovell Food Services (Elementary)
Mrs. Molly Lovell Food Services (Elementary)
Mrs. Melanie Massey Secretary, High School & Junior High
Mrs. Aleida Medina Food Services (Elementary)
Mrs. Terry Patko Food Services (South Campus)
Mrs. Tara Roberts Secretary, Elementary (3-6)
Mrs. Claudette Salser Food Services (South Campus)
Mrs. Robbi Sayles Food Services (South Campus)
Mrs. Lynne Smith Secretary, High School & Junior High
Mr. Al Snypes Maintenance Director, South Campus

After School Care
Name Title
Miss Gralynn Branham Aide
Mrs. Joy Branham Assistant
Mrs. Barby Crandall Assistant
Mrs. Vonda Felton Assistant
Mrs. Ashley Greene Assistant
Mrs. Kaki Jenkins Assistant
Mrs. Faye Payne Assistant
Mrs. Joann Prichard Assistant
Mrs. Susan Ross Assistant
Mrs. Karen Smith After School Care Director
Mrs. Ellen Stephenson Assistant

Early Childhood (Grades K4-2nd)
Name Title
Mrs. Liz Whatley Principal
Mrs. Jennifer Bandy Teacher
Mrs. Mary Ann Blackman Teacher
Miss Betsy Blan Teacher
Mrs. Joy Branham Teacher
Mrs. Martha Darden Teacher
Mrs. Michelle Evans Teacher - Art
Mrs. Michelle Evans Teacher
Mrs. Catherine Gentle Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Gillon Teacher
Mrs. Rosemary Kimbrell Teacher
Mrs. Christine Lanier Teacher Aide
Mrs. Michaela Leonard Teacher
Mrs. Mindy Maxcy Teacher
Miss Meg McDowell Aide
Mrs. Angela Mears Aide
Mrs. Micki Meter Teacher
Miss Margaret Payne Teacher
Mrs. Joy Phillips Teacher
Mrs. Chandra Ryals Teacher
Mrs. Julia Shirley Teacher
Miss Kerstin Smith Teacher
Miss Mary Grace Smith Teacher
Mrs. Karen Smith Teacher
Mrs. Lane Smith Teacher
Mrs. Sonya Stallings Teacher
Mrs. Catrina Stewart Teacher
Mrs. Tiana Tew Aide
Mrs. Lynn Thompson Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Tipps Teacher
Mrs. Lynn Trotter Teacher - Music
Mrs. Tracey Vickers Teacher
Mrs. Jane Ellen Watkins Teacher - Music
Mrs. Cathey Whatley Teacher Aide
Mrs. Audrey Williams Teacher
Mrs. Melissa Wolsoncroft Aide

Elementary (Grades 3-6)
Name Title
Mrs. Tasha Holliday Principal
Mrs. Kymberly Bankston Teacher
Mrs. Lana Benner Teacher
Miss Lacy Briggs Teacher
Mrs. Amy Bryant Teacher
Mrs. Jenny Burdick Teacher
Mrs. Amy Butler Teacher
Mrs. Jill Byrd Teacher
Mrs. Pam Chastain Teacher
Mrs.Arrington Collie Teacher
Mrs. Tammy Cuneo Teacher
Mrs. Mary Beth Fields Teacher
Mrs. Donna Gilmore Teacher
Mrs. Debbie Griffin Teacher
Miss Katie Griggs Aide
Mr. Shane Harmon Teacher
Mrs. Lisha Hutchinson Teacher
Mrs. Dani Jinkins Teacher Aide
Mrs. Susan Johnson Teacher
Mrs. Kelly Kassouf Librarian - North
Mrs. Brett Ann McGehee Aide
Mrs. Alison McKeen Teacher
Miss Meredith Peters Teacher
Mrs. Margie Reid Teacher
Mrs. Tara Roberts Elementary Science
Miss Paige Robinson Teacher
Mrs. Cindy Rushing Teacher
Mrs. Kate Salchert Teacher
Mrs. Charlotte Smith Teacher
Mrs. Suanne Walsh Library Aide
Mrs. Emily Ward PE Aide
Mrs. Cheryl Young Teacher

Junior High (Grades 7-8)
Name Title
Mr. Mike Sanders Principal
Mr. Eric Bartz Teacher
Mrs. Jessica Dolon Teacher
Mrs. Carla Duffee Teacher
Mrs. Meredith Fitzpatrick Teacher
Mr. Matthew Forester Teacher
Mrs. Debbie Glasgow Teacher
Miss Brittney Hitt Teacher
Mr. Charlton Hollon Teacher
Mrs. Cindy Janney Teacher
Mr. Bobby Kerley Teacher
Mrs. Mary Runnels Teacher
Mrs. Jan Scruggs Teacher
Mr. Paul Smith Teacher
Mr. Mark Wallace Teacher
Mrs. Babs Whaley Teacher

High School (Grades 9-12)
Name Title
Mrs. Leah Anderson Teacher
Dr. David Balik Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs
Mrs. Aline Bou Teacher
Miss Liz Bragan Teacher
Mr. Jim Brown Teacher
Mr. Ernest Carroll Teacher
Mr. Jon Carter Teacher
Mr. David Conrad Teacher
Mrs. Nicole Conrad Teacher
Miss Cari Cook Teacher
Dr. Bob Crandall Teacher
Mr. Tom Farr Teacher
Mrs. Dottie Farr Registrar
Dr. Don Furuto Teacher
Mrs. Kara T. Ganter Librarian--South
Mrs. Marcia Garrison Teacher
Mrs. Emily Giuliani Teacher
Mr. Dennis Glass Teacher
Mr. Patrick Herren Teacher
Mr. Rebel Houston 9th and 10th Grade Counselor
Mrs. Sophie Hudson Teacher
Mrs. Judy Lamb Teacher
Mrs. Lynda Lamb Teacher
Mr. Aaron Margene Teacher
Mr. Tim Margene Teacher
Mrs. Pattie Martin Teacher
Mrs. Liz McNutt Teacher
Mr. Jeremy Mears Teacher
Mrs. Lindsay Murphy Teacher
Mr. Victor Nichols Teacher
Mrs. Anne Reddick Women's Advisor
Mr. Steven Renfroe Baseball
Dr. Robert Richey Teacher
Mrs. Anne Riley Teacher
Mr. Jeff Robertson Teacher
Mrs. Elizabeth Shults Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Smith Director of Counseling, Guidance, and College Admissions
Mr. Bandon Snipes Teacher
Mrs. Valecia Tedder Teacher
Mrs. Jodie Zachow Teacher
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