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2023 National Honor Society & National Art Honor Society Inductees

  • Fine Arts
  • Upper School

Scholarship is more than a report card; it represents a dedicated commitment to lifelong learning. It’s about optimizing the educational opportunities offered and pursuing knowledge within and beyond academic confines. Scholarship necessitates a consistent effort, with an aspiration to contribute positively to the world through one’s own knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Service represents the choice of stepping outside oneself to meet the needs of others, fueled by an unwavering passion for a cause, heartfelt empathy for others, or driven by personal circumstances. It’s about performing selfless acts that transcend the ordinary, engendering transformative changes that resonate through our schools, ripple across our communities, and reverberate on a global scale. In the noble act of service, we sculpt a better world with our hands, our hearts, and our humanity.

Leadership is more than a position or title; it means embodying the spirit of initiative, innovation, and influence. It’s about inspiring peers through actions, nurturing a collaborative environment, and championing positive change. Student leaders embrace the responsibility of shaping their academic community, all while fostering personal growth and development. It’s an interplay of intellect, empathy, and resilience, guiding others while continually learning and evolving.

Character is the essence of who we are. It is about valuing diversity, building relationships grounded in empathy, and exhibiting qualities like perseverance, respect, integrity, and honesty. Character lies not in public acts of virtue or visible mistakes, but in the consistent commitment to ethical and compassionate decision-making that positively affects both oneself and others.

The following students have been inducted into the following Societies

National Honor Society
Henry Archer
Brooklyn Barnett
Madison Bell
Kreysa Canale
Taylor Dagnan
Riley Dempsey
Sarah Duncan
Caedmon Ervin
Hartwell Forstman 
Sophie Galvin
Kase Gibson
Erin Gilbert
Andrew Groves
John Paul Harbor
Julia Ivey
Hannah Jahraus
Addie Johnson
Anna Layne Johnson
Finlee Johnson 
Lucy Lanier
Colleen Lehane
Taylor Leib
Megan Malloy
Hayes McKell
Anna Claire McMullen
Samuel Morris
Anna Lien Naron
Emma Neugent
Abby Olsen
Owen Robbins
Ian Robertson
Isabella Rutledge
Parker Sfakianos
Kate Sinclair
JD Splawn
Emma Stover
Olivia Talley
Emmi Claire Willoughby
Patrick Wilson
Mia Wilson

National Art Honor Society
Savannah Ailsworth
Claire Anderson
Elizabeth Archer
Ann Tatum Baker
Brooklyn Barnett
Landry Boyd
Emory Brown
Cole Carter
Lyndsey Cheney
Reese Collier
Reilly Crabbe
Clara Crawford
Annie Damron
Parker Daniels
Bentley Davis
Lindy Easterling
Saylor Eighmy
Dylon Daurot
Kase Gibson
Will Greer
Caroline Hale
Caroline Handley
Brinley Hilson
Anna Hodges
Ellie Hollie
Mark Houston
Sarah Johnson
Taylor Leib
Mary Rose Lovoy
Anna Louise Miller
Case Morgan
Sasha Munikar
Lily Parker
Joel Payne
Livi Reebals
Mary Tanner Richards
Abigail Richardson
Jordan Roberts
Kenley Sanders
Caroline Schroeter
Kate Sinclair
Eli Thompson
Sarah Travis
Analiese Westbrook
Zora Willingham
Harper Winter
Abbie Wright