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Briarwood Professional Excellence Awards 2024

The following staff were recognized for their exceptional dedication, leadership skills, passion for education, and serving faithfully and diligently with a high level of professionalism and excellence:

Mr. Kerley
Mr. Kerley continues to know his students and staff exceptionally well and shepherds his team so well. His efforts in seeing us through as we have transitioned new leaders has been selfless and exceptional.

Mrs. Dirks
Mrs. Dirks has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to her role as a teacher and Science department chair, fostering an environment of genuine enthusiasm for learning among her students.  Rebekah's exceptional leadership skills, coupled with her passion for education, make her an invaluable asset to both her students and the entire Briarwood community.

Mrs. Hopkins
Mrs. Hopkins is an elite Math teacher. She leads professional development meetings on biblical integration in teaching, leads a cohort on Christian Pedagogy, coaches junior high basketball, and is a mentor to so many students.

Mr. Bartz
Mr. Bartz started his career here at Briarwood Christian School in 1992. He has served faithfully and diligently during that time. To this day, he is typically the first junior high teacher here and the last one to leave. He works with his students before school and after school almost daily. His energy and enthusiasm are second to none. He is always looking for ways to improve and is in constant dialogue with me about his students and their progress. He constantly has the math program at the forefront of his mind. 

Dr. Waldron
Dr. Waldron hit the ground running when he started at BCS this year and excels in displaying a passion for, knowledge of, and confidence in presenting his subject matter. He does a great job in passionately presenting his course material in an engaging way that enables the students to see how it works in real life and is relevant to them. Dr. Waldron displays a great heart for his students and the calling of Christian education. 

Lower School

Mrs. Amy Bryant
Since 2008, Amy Bryant has served BCS in various roles (teacher- 3rd, JK, K5, Science Lab Instructor, Lion Learning Center Co-Director, and now- Director of our Cub House). In each role Amy has demonstrated a level of professionalism and excellence that rises to the top. Her deep love of Jesus radiates through all she does and she is passionate about serving our youngest lions and their families well in the Cub House program. 

Mrs. Tracey Vickers
Tracey Vickers has provided steady, heartfelt, and hands-on leadership for the Kindergarten team. Her commitment goes beyond the walls of the school it is built on her faith and trust in the Lord. These virtues are reflected in how she carries out her responsibilities and interactions with those around her. This award is presented to acknowledge her spirit of excellence.

Miss Beth McCoun
For over 40 years, Beth McCoun has served in various roles at BCS. Her most recent role as our Luke 2:52 Enrichment Teacher has elevated our Lower School Program to new heights. The 2:52 class catches the eye of every visitor in our school and has a deep impact on our students. Beth has designed a curriculum that helps shape our students' physical development, social development, academic development, and spiritual development. She is a lifelong learner who takes every opportunity to grow, explore, and implement new ideas into her classroom. She has a beautiful mind that allows her to design the schedules for our Lower School. She deeply loves Jesus and the children she serves. 

Mrs. Teena Watson
Mrs. Teena Watson has been part of our BCS Faculty and Staff since 2018 as a 5th-grade teacher. She is a gifted educator who is constantly striving to improve her craft. She has a gift of working with older students and her enthusiasm and passion draw students into her lessons. Her deep care and concern for her students is evident and she reflects Christ's love to them. As she develops relationships with her students she appreciates their unique God-given personalities, gifts, and talents and draws upon those things as she works to develop each student. She is a master teacher who serves with excellence. 

Mrs. Amanda Westbrook
Amanda Westbrook has been part of our BCS family for many years serving in various roles. She began her role as the Lower School Ancillary Services Coordinator in the fall of 2022. This role at our school has an impact on every person at the Lower School as she works with the church to coordinate facilities, schedule events, and manage the calendar. In addition to this, she also assists the Lower School with communication, social media, and report card work through FACTS. Her work is excellent and she helps keep everyone (teachers, parents, students, and the church)  in sync. She beautifully manages and effectively communicates large amounts of detailed information and serves with a humble, servant’s heart. She is constantly striving to grow and improve to make our school the best it can be.