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Washington D.C Trip

  • Lower School

Over the last two weeks, our 5th and 6th graders headed out for a 6-day hands-on history lesson in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas, ending in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Each student and a parent traveled by bus to enjoy a guided tour of some of the most historically influential places in the United States. It was extra special for our students and parents to meet with, United States Representative, Gary Palmer; United States Senator, Tommy Tubberville; and United States Senator Katie Britt. Students were able to visit the following locations on their trip. 

Ford’s Theater
Smithsonian Museums
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Iwo Jima
National Cathedral
WWII Memorial                                       
Vietnam War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Capitol Building
Library of Congress
FDR & MLK Memorials
The White House
Arlington National Cemetery                           
Mount Vernon
Glass Factory                               
Colonial Williamsburg