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Mission & Values

We exist to provide a Christ-centered, transformational education that equips and inspires each student to glorify God by maximizing their God-given abilities. Our Vision is to develop leaders who impact the world by glorifying Christ in every sphere of life.

BCS Authentic Community, Dr. Shawn Brower

Our life stories matter, and if we will take the time to share with others, lean in and really listen, we will discover our school community being transformed from the inside out.

In my first chapel of the year, I spoke on what transparent and authentic “life in community” looks like as we see the value, significance, and worth of each classmate uniquely made in the image of God.

In preparation for chapel, I shared with the seniors this theme on their senior retreat and asked if any would consider sharing a few words that would depict part of their life story. I was overwhelmed as over 50 students shared “captions” of their personal life story. After selecting over a dozen of their “captions”, we shot this two-minute video to show at the end of chapel. My prayer continues to be that just as the seniors were willing to drop their guard and step out from behind walls that other students would feel the freedom to do the same.

May Briarwood Christian School become more and more a haven of grace where authentic community is encouraged and embraced for the glory of God through the hope we have in Christ to take the brokenness of life and make it beautiful. 

Enjoy the attached two-minute video - “BCS Authentic Community”.
(The words on the screen are the words seniors chose to share about their personal life stories.)

For His glory,
Dr. Shawn Brower 
HS Principal

Above all, we value Christian character, godly compassion, and a life of service to God and others. Those values are evident in all we do as we disciple students through competitive athletics, the arts, academic achievements, and both local and international missions.