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High School

“I love Briarwood because the teachers are more than just teachers. They make an effort to get to know each and every student.”  Connor, 10th Grade

Briarwood Christian School is a rich, Gospel-centric learning community committed to offering a comprehensive, Biblically based education that is focused on preparing students for further study at the nation’s top colleges and universities for leadership in their respective fields of inquiry and engagement and for service to their communities. 

This community of learning at Briarwood is defined through a discipleship and mentoring relationship between the student and the teacher where the goal is to meet the individual learner at their point of need and challenge them to reach their God-given potential, as faculty and staff seek to shepherd the hearts of individual students. 

We offer a robust and rigorous curricular program with Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Advanced Placement coursework in Math, English, Science, History, the Fine Arts, and World Languages while also offering academic support for those needing additional assistance in their specific learning process. 

Our eminently qualified and experienced teachers choose to teach at Briarwood because of their commitment and dedication to Christ and their desire to equip students to be faithful participants in God’s redemptive work. 

“One of the things I love about Briarwood is the sense of family within the school. The teachers and administrators really want to connect with you beyond the school setting and have become some of the most impactful people in my life.”  Lauren, 12th Grade

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    Above all, we value Christian character, godly compassion, and a life of service to God and others. Those values are evident in all we do as we disciple students through competitive athletics, the arts, academic achievements, and both local and international missions.

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