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K4 and K5 1/2 day:  $5,005 (5 day)
K4 and K5 full day:  $6,675 (5 day)
TK:                               $7,295
Grades 1 & 2:            $7,080
Grades 3 - 6:              $7,295
Grades 7-8:                $8,345
Grades 9-12:              $9,300

Annual tuition is payable in ten equal payments. The first installment is billed June 1 and remaining installments are billed on the first day of the next nine months, July - March, with two exceptions: (1) New kindergarten students are required to pay the first installment within 14 days of acceptance; remaining payments are billed on the first day of the nine months, July through March. (2) Students accepted after June 1 will be billed retroactively to June 1 upon acceptance and must pay the first installment of tuition (and the Initial Registration Fee) before starting school.

Tuition provides the following: textbooks,
consumable textbooks, admission to all regular home athletic events, school pictures, school library privileges, and supplemental school insurance. Students in Grades 7 through 12 are provided use of a school locker. Students who choose to drive to school are provided parking privileges.

Sibling Discount
The oldest student in each family pays full
tuition. There is a $90 discount for the second
oldest student in Grades 1-12 and a $250 discount for each additional student in Grades 1-12. There is no sibling discount for kindergarten students.
Activities Fee: (per student) 
K4, K5, TK, 1st & 2nd $110
3rd – 6th Grade $120
Junior High $150 (Includes iPad insurance)
9th – 11th Grade $130
12th Grade $160 (Includes graduation expenses)

This fee will cover the following: yearbook, day class field trips, class t-shirts, K4-6 supply packs, student admission to games. It will be paid over the 10 months of tuition payments or when the tuition is paid in full. 

Does not include extra-curricular expenses, overnight field trip expenses, meals on field trips, admission to theater events or play-off games.

Prepayment Discount
A 2% discount will be granted if full payment of
the annual tuition is received on or before May
31, 2019. Tuition not prepaid on or before May 31will be billed in ten installments in accordance with the school financial policies. The discount applies to tuition only. Parents may prepay all or part of tuition at any time, but no discount is given for payments received after May 31.

Capital Improvements Fee
Per family (applies to all families) $650
The Capital Improvements Fee provides funds
which are used to build new facilities, maintain
existing facilities, equip classrooms and support facilities. This fee is billed in ten equal
installments June 1 through March 1.
Fees for RETURNING Students ONLY
The following fees are billed to each currently
enrolled student who submits a Re-enrollment
Form by January 31, 2019. These fees are
billed in two installments: ½ in April and ½ in
May, so no money is required to accompany
the Re-enrollment Form.
Students returning to K5 or TK: Kindergarten Registration Fee: $100
Students enrolling in Grade 1:
Registration Fee:
1st child Briarwood Church member $360
1st child-Non-member $660
Siblings of Enrolled Students $360
Students returning to Grades 2-12:
Student Commitment Fee:
Briarwood Church member $360
Non-member $660
Fees for NEW Students ONLY
Application Fee
A $95.00 non-refundable Application Fee must be submitted with the Student Application Form for any NEW student entering grades K4-12.
Registration Fee (K4, K5, TK)
Briarwood Church member $100
Non-member $100
The Kindergarten Registration Fee is due along
with the first monthly installment of tuition
within 14 days of the date of acceptance. If
acceptance occurs within 14 days of the
beginning of the school year, these amounts are due before the first day of school.
Initial Registration Fee (Grades 1-12)
The Initial Registration Fee is due within 30 days of the date of acceptance. If acceptance occurs within 30 days of the beginning of the school year, the Initial Registration Fee (plus the first installment of tuition) is due before the student begins school.

New students enrolling in Grades 1 - 12
1st child-Briarwood Church member $360
1st child-Non-member $660
Siblings of Enrolled Students $360

BCS offers after school services for grades K - 8th grade. 

After School Care
Briarwood Christian School offers After School
Care for children enrolled in our school from
kindergarten through the second grade. After
School Care is provided after kindergarten
dismisses until 5:30 PM. This service is available only to those who use it regularly. The fixed monthly charge for this service is based on the hours scheduled.

Study Hall
Briarwood Christian School offers a Study Hall
until 5:30 PM for students in the third through
eighth grades. This service is provided for
families who work and cannot pick up their
children when school is dismissed or families
who have special travel or transportation needs.
Charges for this service are based on hours of
usage by the student.
Briarwood Christian School offers various
opportunities which are not part of the core
curriculum requirements. There is a fee for each of the following services:
- Services for Special Needs
- Dual Enrollment Program
- Online Elective Courses

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade
Briarwood offers limited priority enrollment for presently enrolled students, provided the
privilege is exercised within the priority
enrollment period (by January 31 each year).

Limited Priority Enrollment for qualified, new
students in kindergarten through sixth grade is offered, as space is available, to students who are siblings of currently enrolled students, children of Briarwood graduates, and children of Briarwood Presbyterian Church members.

The enrollment privilege must be exercised within the priority enrollment period (by January 31each year). Qualified students are those who have passed the admissions test and met all of the requirements for enrollment.

Junior High and High School
Enrollment of all new students for grades 7 – 12, including the priority groups listed above, is determined by different procedures and
requirements. The procedures and requirements are available from the Admissions Director (205-776-5812).

Students may bring lunch to school or may
purchase a full hot meal or individual food or
drink items in the school cafeteria. Each student is provided a lunch card that is used like a debit card, charging lunches against the family’s lunch account. Purchases are processed through a point of sale system which allows parents to monitor purchases daily on the school’s Renweb system.
Parents are required to deposit money in the
family lunch account in advance of purchases
and must maintain a positive balance at all times.

Each family has two school accounts: (1) a
declining balance account for lunch charges and
(2) a general account for tuition, fees and all other
non-lunch items. Payments to the school may be
made by check or cash. Parents may pay using
an e-check on the school’s Renweb system, but
there is a service fee for this option.

Application Fees are non-refundable. The Initial
Registration Fee, Student Commitment Fee and
advance tuition payments are refundable if (a)
the family moves out of the area before the
opening of school, or (b) the school fails to
provide enrollment to the student.
The parent or guardian commits to pay the
annual tuition when a student is enrolled.
Withdrawal of a student prior to the start of
school or at any time during the school year does
not void the financial obligation to the school.
Families who move from the school area during
the school year are exempt from this obligation.
Late Payments
Tuition and fee charges are late if not received by
the last day of the month. A finance charge of 1
1/2% (annual rate 18%) is assessed each billing
cycle on a balance due from the previous billing.
Access to Renweb, report cards and transcripts
are not provided for any students whose account
is past due as stated in the school financial
Returned Checks
A charge of $30 is assessed for each returned check

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Above all, we value Christian character, godly compassion, and a life of service to God and others. Those values are evident in all we do as we disciple students through competitive athletics, the arts, academic achievements, and both local and international missions.

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