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Forrest Walden, Founder & CEO of IronTribe
1994 Briarwood Alumni

Iron Tribe Workouts

For SIX weeks, we are ALL OFF-SEASON ATHLETES so let's stay in shape.

IronTribe has made it possible for us to link up on a common pursuit for 6 weeks!

Sign-ups begin THIS Monday, April 20 and workouts begin on Tuesday, April 21st!

As we consider the various attributes, we have decided to focus on these general categories:

Nutrition: It is hard to eat like an athlete during this shutdown time. But try to eat nutritious food. Weigh in at least once a week (you keep track, and share with group as an option)

Flexibility: Every workout should begin with a dynamic warm-up and a static cool down

Strength: Follow your options based on the equipment you have

Speed: Follow the options based on the area you have.

Agility: Follow the options based on availability.

Coordination: Hand/Eye- Foot/Eye- Sight and Sound Reaction- Balance- Eye Tracking should be done on your own

Conditioning: follow the recommendations based on your category

Active Rest: make sure you are getting good sleep and consistent patterns of activity and rest

Notice that we are not focusing on SPORT SPECIFIC programs at this time. We want this to develop a comprehensive program for the general health and development of all athletes (and to be frank, will help any person be more fit and healthy).