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The Briarwood Cheer Program will be the leaders in inspiring young women to become authentic servants of Christ and in challenging them to promote school spirit, facilitate involvement of the student body, and represent BCS with constant and never-ending improvement in all aspects of the program.

Understanding the Scriptural mandate of Acts 20:35, it is the philosophy of the Spirit Program at BCS that our squads are first and foremost service organizations formed to support the many and various athletic teams, and to cultivate a spirit of enthusiasm and good sportsmanship within the student body while reflecting the principles of Christ through the demonstration of high character and integrity.

Both varsity and junior varsity squads cheer for football and basketball season with the addition of a competition squad that competes at the end of the football season.

Varsity Coach:
Kara Byers
JV Coach:
Catherine Godwin
Junior High Coach
Debbie Glasgow

Varsity Roster

Varsity Roster

Alyssa Davidson

Ava Albright

Brooke Benes

Catherine Gray

Cline Smith

Elizabeth Collier

Grace Hiers

Grace Owens

Gracie Wong

Hallie Azar

Hannah Messer

Laura Brittain Stubblefield

Lillie Griffith

Maddie Bentley

Payton Chambless

Reilly Forbes

Sarah Shea Hill

Victoria Dickinson

Virginia Jackson

Junior Varsity Roster

Aidyn Lee

Annsleigh Clark

Audrey Tinsley

Bella Mejia

Brooke Metzger

Ellie Smith

Emma Gregory

Grace Richardson

Hollyn Lee

Julia Sinclair

Lauren Edwards

Lily Johnson

Lily Kate Werchanowskyj

Lizzie Ledbetter

Madison Cosper

Mary Ryan King

Mary Stewart

Sallie Montgomery

Sawyer Staggs

Skylar Henley

Competition Squad

  1. Aidyn Lee 
  2. Alyssa Davidson 
  3. Audrey Tinsley 
  4. Bella Mejia
  5. Brooke Metzger 
  6. Ellie Smith 
  7. Emma Gregory 
  8. Grace Hiers
  9. Grace Richardson 
  10. Hollyn Lee 
  11. Julia Sinclair  
  12. Lauren Edwards
  13. Lily Johnson 
  14. Lily Kate Werchanowskyj
  15. Lizzie Marie Ledbetter
  16. Mary Stewart
  17. Reilly Forbes
  18. Sallie Montgomery 
  19. Sawyer Staggs 
  20. Skylar Henley

JH Cheer Basketball

Finlee Johnson

Rylie Ledbetter

Bailey Davis

Lynnlee Briggs

Ellie Holley

Taylor Grace Dagnan

Caroline Schroeter

Olivia Talley

Piper Dickinson

Ava Walters

Grace Henry

Aubrey Cowden

JH Cheer Football

Kate Sinclair
Anna Claire Lester
Kelsey Donohoo
Ansley Murphy
Micah Davis
Greyce Godbehere
Lana Gardner
Avery Robertson
Scarlett Swiney
Lynley Newdome
Elaina Burt
Anna Claire McMullen