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School Counseling

Our purpose is to lead our students through the process of seeking God’s will for their academic, personal, social, and college and career decisions.

"Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth" Ecclesiastes 12:1

Welcome to Briarwood Christian School Counseling Center. God can do so much in the life that’s given over to Him, especially when that life is in the spring of its youth. It is an immense privilege to help guide the lives of our students. Our purpose is to lead our students through the process of seeking God’s will for their academic, personal, social, and college and career decisions.

Dedicated to developing supportive, meaningful, and ongoing relationships with students and parents, our goal is to ensure that every family is given the support and encouragement they need to make informed, prayerful decisions concerning the direction of each student’s life. All sessions are confidential and will not be shared with others unless requested by the student or parent. Exceptions to confidentiality are a threat to self or others and disclosures of abuse or neglect. In the rare case when confidentiality must be broken, the student will be informed and supported appropriately.

Mrs. Mindy Miller
Phone: 205 -776-5916

Naviance is our avenue for collecting personalized academic programming to best meet your child's needs. 

College Advising Each year students will get progressive help in walking through their four year plan with a college advisor. Please see our college advising plan for freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors as each year looks a little different.

Scholarship Calendar is a place where students can look for upcoming scholarship information and deadlines.  Please check this frequently as the calendar changes as that information comes into the school.

Student Opportunities Opportunities, such as leadership, youth conferences, camps, etc. will be posted by the deadline for application. 

Resources There are times when students and parents need information after school hours. Please see our helpful handouts, listed by category under the resources tab.


Director of Counseling Services, College & Career Advisor for 12th Grade
Mrs. Brent Latta, M.Ed.
Phone: 205-776- 5934
School Counselor
7th-8th Grade
Mrs. Anna Margaret Ezelle, M.Ed. 
Phone: 205-776-5931
10th-11th Grade
School Counselor
Mrs. Pam Azar, M.A.
Phone: 205-776-5917
School Counselor
9th Grade
Mrs. Chelle Godbehere, M.Ed.
Phone: 205-776-5917
6255 Cahaba Valley Rd
Birmingham, AL 35242

“I loved Briarwood because it was an environment where I could feel comfortable being who God has called me to be. Briarwood has more than equipped and prepared me to be on mission wherever I go!”  Sally Grace, 12th Grade

Four years ago, FACTS and RenWeb united to provide the best education experience possible. Since that time, we’ve worked toward combining our services in a way that benefits our school partners and their families.

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Above all, we value Christian character, godly compassion, and a life of service to God and others. Those values are evident in all we do as we disciple students through competitive athletics, the arts, academic achievements, and both local and international missions.

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