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The BCS Fine Arts Academy offers introductory and  advanced classes in Photography,  Performance/ Sports Video Production, Graphic Design Applications, and Film Studies.  Students are taught in the framework of a biblical worldview and trained on how they may use those skills to engage the media culture. Students use the latest software and high end equipment in order to train and equip students with skills to engage media culture with professionalism.  

Introduction to Photography:  Students will learn the basics of shooting, composing, and editing photographs. Students will
have opportunities to learn how to better photograph elements in their natural environments, to seek out subjects and compositions, and to stage still photographs in stationary lighting setups. Students will learn basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, printing, and exhibiting works. Students will learn how to appropriately use their cameras and basic photography equipment.

Advanced Photography:  Students will have open ended projects through which they can explore their personal creative style in the art. Large format prints and matting will be done in class. Students will work on building their own portfolio and submitting works into local, regional, and national competitions.

Performance Technology  In this course students meet
during first period along with the Worship Team Class. Students will learn how to operate the sound board, light board, and projection equipment. They will learn to use multiple microphones and stage
lights. Formal backstage management will also be learned .

Lions Head Media: Lions Head Media is a course where students will begin to learn the basics of video production. We will examine all aspects of creating a video, including audio, camera settings, video editing, and storyboarding. This class will produce weekly videos that inform the school and honor Christ. Enrollment in this class is based on a student's application to the teacher, focusing on level of interest,
ability, and commitment to meeting expected "outside of class" assignments.

Video Production Video Production is a course where students will continue to learn the skills to create quality videos. Using the latest Mac software and high end equipment, student learning experiences will include basic video shots, audio, and green screen techniques. Skills and techniques learned in class will be used to create videos that promote the school and honor Christ. The assignments may include but are not limited to BCS sporting events, school events, etc.

2018-2019 Spring Semester 
Briarwood Lip Dub
2018-2019 Fall Semester
Alumni plays lead role in Woodlawn 

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