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The Artisan

The Artisan is a literary-arts magazine that showcases and celebrates the best of the literary and art pieces that students in our School produce each year. The Desktop Publishing class elicits anonymous submissions, selects pieces, designs each spread, and proofreads the magazine. Our staff’s desire is to celebrate the gift of creativity and acknowledge that it is God-given. Art is pouring out of the soul into a creative form. Art is a holy endeavor because it reflects the way God, the original and ultimate Creator, poured his image into us. Even as we create, we do so using God’s gifts and the mediums that He provides, and we acknowledge that we create only under his guiding creative hand.

Yes, we’re just a high school magazine, but we hope that in some way the pieces in our magazine give glimpses of truth and beauty. We look for pieces that are grounded in the concrete but speak to eternal truths and make us wonder. We look for pieces that speak honestly about the human condition. We are young and haven’t experienced a lot yet, but we have much to express about the joys, longings, and sorrows of our hearts. We also have much to question and much to discover. We’re grateful that God has given us art and literature with which to explore these things.

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