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Visual Arts

"I love that at Briarwood there is a place for everyone to do what they love, wether it is band, the arts, athletics, or academics." Mary, 11th Grade

The vision of our Visual Arts Department at Briarwood Christian School is to create an environment in which each student can learn, discover, and develop their God-given, creative ability to its fullest potential for the glory of God. Our Art program focuses on in-depth training in various visual art applications.  Art classes begin with the basics and progress to advanced levels of art production. We have an award winning program receiving local, State and National honors.  Our unique focus on mission based art has seen our artwork exhibited globally.  Such works have been exhibited in New Zealand, Haiti, Iraq, Nicaragua, and China. 

Emma S. 10th Grade
Avery R. 11th Grade
Ethan G. 11th Grade
Grace G. 9th Grade
Lynzie L. 9th Grade
Emma S. 11th
Jordan M, 12th Grade
Caroline K. 10th Grade

Art 1  Intro to Visual Arts Art 1 is an introductory art production course designed to teach basic skills key to creating art. Fundamental techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media will be emphasized. All work will be completed in class. Supplies are included.

Art 2  Advanced Drawing and Painting ­ Art 2 is designed to provide students with more advanced art instruction. Students will complete projects that will further develop their art skills. Creativity is emphasized and encouraged.

Art 3 and 4  Art Portfolio­ 
This is a studio based, portfolio building course for art students. Students will work with the instructor
to develop a strong original portfolio which demonstrates strengths in a variety of mediums. Students must be self-­motivated and have a good work ethic.

Gracie W. 11th Grade
Carolyn M. 10th Grade
Sarah F. 10th Grade
Briarwood Student Watercolor
Sally W. 11th Grade
Camdyn G.12th Grade
Bailey S. 10th Grade
Sally W. 11th Grade
Julianne L. 10th Grade