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Briarwood Christian School is using it's 3-D printers to serve UAB Hospitals

The partnership with Alabama Power, Alabama Productivity Center and the UAB School of Engineering needed individuals with 3-D printers to start making essential parts for protective face masks while local industry was ramping up production on a larger scale. 

The design is simple and has a disposable clear face shield and forehead clip.  While Briarwood started making both the headband and clip last week, this next week we will be focusing on producing just the clip as local industries are now ready to produce the mask frames in higher quantities. The partnership's goal is 500 completed masks per day.  Briarwood can make 160 of the disposable clips per day.

If your school has the resources to provide clips you can read the full article here and connect with UAB through their website.

Thank you to Alabama Productivity Center, Alabama Power and UAB School of Engineering for allowing us to partner with you in this way. A special thanks to our High School C.A.D.D.  instructor, Mr. Eric Bartz for producing them out of his home!