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Briarwood Senior Class 2020

We've always known that the members of the class of 2020 were special individually. By and large, they are just friendly, compassionate, loving, kind, and very gifted. But at our senior retreat this past summer, we were really able to see how special the class of 2020 is as a group. In ways we expected and ways we didn't, they allowed the Lord to unite their hearts and minds over the course of those three days, and our school has been changed for the better. From our high school chapels to the athletic fields to the classrooms to the band hall to the stage of the Barbara B. Barker, the class of 2020 has led all of us so very well. They have invested deeply this year - spiritually, relationally, academically, creatively - and we are so grateful for their impact on BCS. Seniors of 2020, know that we will miss you - and know that we are believing God's very best for you as you step into the next phase of your life. We love you, and remember that our arms and the Briarwood doors are always open, willing, and ready to welcome you back as our honored and cherished soon-to-be alumni! GO LIONS - GO CLASS of 2020! 
Emma Allbritton 
Mary Evelyn Amster
Hundon Arnold
Juliana Badeaux 
Bo Baldwin
Will Barnes
Chance Beard
Halle Beasley 
Brooke Benes
Maddie Bentley 
Madeline Berg
Rachel Bonds
Ryan Border
Carson Brooks 
Josiah Brower
Jacob Burr
Caroline Campell
Payton Chambless 
Abbie Cheely
Reagan Clark
Natalie Clasen
Connor Coleman
Elizabeth Collier
Abbi Crosier
Mitchell Curtis 
Lauren Danley
Alyssa Davidson
Aimee Dick 
Ryan Donohoo
Ashleigh Donovan
Joseph Duke
Emma Duncan 
Matthew Earnest
David Emmons
Christian Ferguson
Cole Garner
Carter Giadrosich
Ethan Green
Benjamin Gregory
Grant Grissom
Tully Anne Hamner 
James Hancock 
Asher Hannah
Olivia Hannah 
Natalie Harmon
Morgan Harris
Megan Haskins
Hughston Headley
 Anna Heidepriem 
Clay Hess
Sarah Shea Hill
Ella Hodges
Holly Holcomb
William Holdefer
Chandler Holt
Heather Houston
Trent Howard
Tyler Jahraus 
Maggie Johnson
Abbey Caroline Johnston
Andrew Jones
Harrison Jones
Josh Jones
Isaac Keller
Katie Kelley
Crawford Kent 
Grace Kovakas 
Hayden Lamey 
Lauren Lanier
Ryan Larkins
Briggs Latta
Andrew Lee
Blake Lester
Abbie Liddell
Anna Grace McCollough
Blake McKenna
Nathan Meir
Alex Miller
Brock Miskelley
Bailey Morman 
Turner Murphy 
Noah Nall
Jeffrey Neville
Megan Nolen 
Jake Nunn
Audrey O'Brien
Avery Ochsenhirt
Cale Osvath
Grace Owens
Hannah Payne
Christian Pearson
Stetson Ponder
Michael Preston
Sarah Preston
Luke Prewett 
Campell Ragsdale
Clayton Rasmussen
Cal Reebals
Eliza Reid
Olivia Ricks 
Nicholas Robson
Samuel Russell
Emily Sappington 
Jim Selkirk
Julianna Sellers 
Sanket Shah
Cole Sibley
Madeline Simmerman
Alexandria Smith
Cline Smith
Tucker Smith
Daniel Spann
Anna Spivak
Laura Brittain Stubblefield 
Emma Stutts
Gregory Sumerford
Ainsley Talbird
Emma Tarence 
Will Tarter 
Taylor Abner
Nathan Tedder
Callie Tomlinson
Chase Travis
Braxton Tubbs
Riley Underwood
Will Uzzle 
Lauren Van Fleet
Sam Varnado
Audrey Vickers
Jacob Waters
Molly Grace Watkins 
Brandon Wesson-Church
Matthew Whatley 
Parker Will
Daniel Windham
John Wolf
Knox Wolsoncraft 
Gracie Wong 
Abby Wood 
Oshea Woodruff
Sally Worthington
Kayla Wright
Madison Wright

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