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Briarwood Christian School Uniform Program

Currently our Lower School (K4-6th) has a required Uniform, while our Upper school follows a dress code outlined in our student handbook. 

Briarwood Dress Code

Updated March 13, 2022

We wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes to the uniform program. First of all, we are excited that we have a new logo for all of our lower school uniforms. The administration has been working with a branding firm for a year and we are in the final stages of implementing it into our site with Lands' End. Secondly, we are bringing back the used uniform sale. We will hold this sale on Friday, May 6th from 7 AM to 11 AM. It will run very similarly to last year's sale. More details will be sent later with directions for how to submit items and dates for clothing submissions.

A few changes have also been made to the uniform program. We have added an additional plaid skirt to accommodate our taller girls. Please choose this option if you are having difficulty keeping your daughter's skirt length in compliance with our dress code. The side pleat skort is being reviewed because many girls are wearing it too short, so please be mindful of the school's length policy, especially as children are growing. For our 3rd - 6th grade girls, the Required Uniform shirt color is changing to light blue. This is in response to parental input and requests. This will be listed as the requirement on the site starting immediately, but will be implemented at school in August of this year.  

As always, the Uniform Committee is here to help with anything related to uniforms. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs.

The Uniform Committee

*Every student will need the Required Uniform for their grade and gender; then you will be able to choose additional pieces according to your preferences.

We will have a custom site through Lands’ End. All of your orders will to go through that site. We strongly encourage families to register on our custom site,  this registration process will ensure that you receive email updates for sale offerings.