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Briarwood Christian School Uniform Program

Currently our Lower School (K4-6th) has a required Uniform, while our Upper school follows a dress code outlined in our student handbook. 

*Every student will need the Required Uniform for their grade and gender; then you will be able to choose additional pieces according to your preferences.

We will have a custom site through Lands’ End that will go live on Wednesday, May 6th. All of your orders will to go through that site. We strongly encourage families to register on our custom site when it goes live on Wednesday. This registration process will ensure that you receive email updates for sale offerings. Again, there is no expectation that you purchase immediately. We simply want you to have knowledge of the items, so you can plan accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Will the shirts have a Briarwood logo on them? 
There will not be embroidery for this year.  We may add a logo next year, but the uniforms will not have a logo this year.  There is the option to add a lion logo to the more athletic outerwear pieces such as the sweatshirt or hoodie, but that is completely up to individual preference.  There is an additional cost for that so it is not required at this time. 
Will the girls still be allowed to wear hair bows or other hair accessories?
Hair bows and accessories will be allowed in keeping with the BCS dress code. 
Will the girls be allowed to layer skirts, jumpers, and dresses with leggings or tights in the winter? Leggings and tights are allowed and there are options offered on our website.  One stipulation is that on Required Uniform days, only white socks or white tights will be allowed
What is the policy on the jackets and hoodies on the site. Are these the only ones they will be allowed to wear?
These jackets and hoodies are the only ones that will be allowed for wear inside the school building.  Other jackets and coats are allowed for transferring between the school and cars/ buses and for outside wear during recess. 
What about shoes? There are no policy changes on shoes.

May we add our own monogram? No monograms will be allowed on the school uniforms. 

Briarwood Dress Code